Our Team

The Gleneagles Medini state of mind is people, excellence & result.

The quest for perfection is omnipresent and always top of mind whether we deal with our teams of first-rate medical specialists, our experienced and well trained hospital staffs, or our efficient and considerate administrative personnel.

People above all by treating those we serve and each other with compassion, dignity, integrity and mutual respect.

Excellence by striving for the finest clinical, service and operational outcomes.

Results by exceeding the expectations of the people we serve and those we set for ourselves.

Achieving perfection means treating each patient as a unique individual. A stay in a clinic – no matter how comfortable and well-equipped – can be a difficult experience. With patience, tact, and discretion, our staffs will use their expertise to make your stay a very special one. It can come from our kitchen, our concierges, our nursing staff, it can just be asked.